Crosses: Fixed Cross

Ray 5 triangle Ray 4 triangle Ray 1 triangle

Axis one: TaurusScorpio

Self-worth and shared worth: clearing emotional resistance to growth

Axis two: LeoAquarius

Defining the self; locating that self within the group/society

Qualities:Sensitivity, emotion, sympathies and responses
Method:Crisis/intensification and conflict resolution
Personality aspect:The emotions
Growth area:Congruence of emotional life with deeper inner needs (‘second initiation’)
Related to:The Second ray, Sirius
Planet of expression:Saturn as a presenter of opportunity
Fixed cross rays:Ray 1, Ray 4, Ray 5
Symbol:to follow

Fixed Cross in detail

Related to the second of the three overarching principles of consciousness, this cross represents how that principle emerges and evolves as increasing self-awareness.

A predominance of Fixed signs in the chart indicates a life where the experience of inner states—often in conflict—becomes a driver towards an increasing inclusivity or ‘heart’ that is able to accepts more difference and experience fewer fears.