Esoteric Astrology Glossary

Esoteric Astrology: terminology

Some terminology in Esoteric Astrology may be unfamiliar, archaic, religious or even misleading at first reading. These explanations that may help.

Christ Consciousness
Bailey’s Christian background shows here, but “Christ consciousness” means full soul awareness. The influence of ray two on the development of consciousness involves a developed spiritual awareness, a sensitivity toward world suffering, and a sense of physical, emotional and mental responsibility towards others. Ultimately, it involves acting in harmony with a greater collective sense of purpose that transcends an individual life.
Creative Hierarchies
Creative Hierarchies are a deeply esoteric factor that consist (depending on how you view them) of either beings or forces that affect the overall development of humanity and the planet. It is possible to see some of these as akin to the “devas” of Theosophy that ccreat, sustain and build forms in nature and in the subtler realms. For instance, our “etheric” or energy body, the “causal body” or soul as a container for our consciousness, and the form of the planet itself are all held in a state of dynamic equilibrium that adapts and maintains the form as a vehicle for the indwelling lives.
A term used in the esoteric (and not sepcifically Christian) sense, to indicate an individual who has begun the process of conscious development, having opted to separate from the long and gradual process experienced by humanity en-masse. Having undergone the “first initiation” they are generally in the throes of the cycle of intensification that involves the difficult resolution of inner conflict.
One of the Three World Centres with Humanity and Shamballa. The hierarchy is an expression of the second of the three major principles, linked to rays 1, 2 and 3. Unfortunately-named, this is a collective term for those who exist in a state of awareness after transcending the limits of individual human life experience and now act for the general good of humanity. Despite the impression that these operate as an organised body, in reality it is a naturally collective state of awareness at the mental Or “soul” level and, although organised activities may exist, any “organisation” involved is distinct in nature from the usual concept. The hierarchy in general is related to the love-wisdom principles of the second ray, and the fixed cross of developing consciousness.
One of the Three World Centres with the Hierarchy and Shamballa. In general, humanity is seen as the third expression of the three major principles, linked to rays 1, 2 and 3. The evolution of humanity is seens an integral part of the third ray process on this planet, and is related to the mutable cross in its broad role as the process of learning through trial and error.
Fifth Kingdom
Also “Kingdom of Souls”. This is a state predicted to come about when the entire human race moves from the strictly personal consciousness of the human kingdom into collective soul consciousness. Needless to say this is a long process, the outcome of which is far in the future. However, each person who undergoes this as an individual (via the third initiation) contributes to the eventual collective shift of humanity as a whole.
Lords of Flame
These are held to have brought about the advent of humanity by enabling the animal kingdom to give rise to the human, under the guidance of the planetary logoi of both Earth and Venus, although those planetary terms are not to be understood literally. There are various “chains” (or incarnations) in a planetary “scheme”, which develops through several life cycles, just as we do. Following numerical correspondence, these chains were confusingly named in the theosophical literature after the systemic planets, and some only exist on subtler levels of being. So the “Venus chain” of the “Earth scheme” simply points out a sympathy with the Venus scheme experienced during a particular chain or period in Earth’s development when the two schemes resonate via a series of numerical (vibrational) sympathies. This enabled the planetary logos of Venus to connect with that of the Earth in order to bring about the momentous develoment that gave birth to the 4th or human kingdom. This requires a little knowledge of the inner bodies of occult thinking: the Manasadevas (beings/forces that build form and therefore come under the third great principle) created in certain of the animal kingdom an inner “vehicle”—the causal body positioned between energy/spirit and matter/body—suitable for the incarnation of the individual selves or souls that enabled those members of the animal kingdom to evolve as humans. (See TCF 299, 367-71, 386-7, 703, 708-9)
New World Order
This phrase is quite distinct from its unfortunately degraded current use (circa 2020s) to describe the undesirable plans of a controlling elite. Rather, it means a kind of emergent order based on a spiritual drive and on aspiration, mental freedom, loving understanding and a physical plane rhythm which provides opportunity for full creative expression. This is a major role of Uranus during the precession of the equinox into Aquarius. (EA 444-5). The new world order must meet the immediate need and not be an attempt to satisfy some distant, idealistic vision. (EH 190-2)
Planetary Chains
In the Theosophical occult philosophy, planets are beings that evolve through a series of “incarnations”, making up a “chain” over immense periods of time. These chains are often numbered, and indicate at which stage a planet is in its development.
Planetary Chains
Sacred planets affect our own inner evolution and integration, while the primary effect of non-sacred planets concerns the adjustment of personality to this inner evolution. We could call them developed and developing planets, the forer being those seen occultly as “integrated”, having aligned their planetary inner processes (or “soul”) with their material existence; while the latter have yet to build that connection (see planets).
One of the Three World Centres with the Hierarchy and Humanity. In general, shamballa is seen as the first expression of the three major principles, linked to rays 1, 2 and 3. Being beyond the individual soul and entirely driven by universal purpose, it is the planetary centre that focusses the will aspect on Earth via those working from monadic levels, and is related to the wider meaning of the Cardinal Cross. (see EA 92)