Signs: Cardinal Cross—Libra

Ray 3 triangle

I seek the way which leads between the two great lines of force

Reaching the midpoint: balance leading to an inevitable change of direction

Cardinal complement:Aries
Rays:Ray 3
Othodox ruler:Venus
Esoteric ruler:Uranus
Hierarchical ruler:Saturn
Esoteric decanates:1st: Jupiter, 2nd: Saturn, 3rd: Mercury
Retrogressive motto:Let choice be made
Libra triangles:

Libra: esoteric meaning

Details to follow.

Libra: rulers

Orthodox: Venus

Details to follow for Venus as orthodox ruler.

Esoteric: Uranus

Details to follow of Uranus as esoteric ruler.

Hierarchical: Saturn

Details to follow of Saturn as hierarchical ruler.

Saturn is the ruler in this sign of that stupendous Creative Hierarchy which is one of the three major groups of Builders, forming part of the third aspect of divinity; Their goal is the giving of form to the Sons of Mind and thereby offering opportunity for sacrifice and service. A study of the relation of this Hierarchy to that of the human egos, the fourth Creative Hierarchy, will prove most illuminating [see A Treatise on Cosmic Fire]. The nature and purpose of the three rulers will emerge with clarity if this is done. (EA 243)


See the notes about the inconsistency of decanates in Esoteric Astrology. For comparison, Stephen Pugh’s decanate rulers are listed, alongside current orthodox rulers and those given in the book.

Esoteric/developmental: conscious development (annual signs from Aries via Taurus to Pisces)
0-9°: Jupiter F: Libra, expansion and success in stages of conscious growth, the ability to synthesise and enter the next stage
10-19°: Saturn G: Aquarius, learning opportunities to growth, and the potential to “reverse the wheel” opportunities to “tip the scales” in favour of inner development (EA 249)
20-29°: Mercury C: Gemini, illumination (EA 70) and the necessity to resolve conflict in times of change
Exoteric/experiential: humanity in general (precession from Aries via Pisces to Taurus)
29-20°: Mercury C: Gemini, the need for experience by the personality in the 3 worlds (as the agent of change in the change/crisis/synthesis cycle) and the ensuing conflicts when opposites cannot be resolved
19-10°: Saturn G: Aquarius, law, the pairs of opposites (with sex) and money as the “third aspect” or material life (EA 244)
9-0°: Jupiter F: Libra, the potential to enter Virgo to nurture the soul and inner life
  • Orthodox: Venus, Uranus, Mercury (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini)
  • EAst e/o: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury / Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter
  • Pugh e/o: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury / Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter

Saturn as the central decanate echoes the exaltation of that planet in Libra, and the balance required to “reverse the wheel”, which Libra at the Autumn equinox symbolises, in order to enter the path of conscious development. Sephirial’s replacement of Mercury with the Moon echoes the mundane 4th ray role of the Moon.

The rulers of the decanates in this sign are again dual in their presentation by different schools of astrologers. Sepharial gives us the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter, whilst Alan Leo posits the controlling planets as Venus, Saturn and Mercury. In this case, as in some others, the truth lies between the two or in a combination of both. The true rulers of the decanates in Libra are Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. I need not enlarge upon their effect except to point out that the result of the Jupiterian influence is to “open the door of the womb” in Virgo… (EA 251)

Esoteric Astrology: 251