Triangles: Aries Leo Virgo

Inaugurates the ‘new age’

Active at this time—currently producing effects in human consciousness (EA 484). Also represents the primal trinity of energies.

When Esoteric Astrology was written, the phrase ‘new age’ had a broader meaning than current usage which, in popular culture, is now sometimes almost derisory. It originally meant a general expansion in human awareness, marked by the changes outlined below; these are seen as an inevitable development in human awareness, and part of the process of inner evolution. This includes the often superficial current ‘new age’ influences among the many other avenues of personal and collective growth.

The ‘New Age’ was seen by Bailey as a time when these general and individual shifts in consciousness had reached a mass critical enough to become the predominant mode of human consciousness; an event we are all still working to achieve, but—although eagerly anticipated—sometimes seems a long way off.

General info

The effect of the influences in any triangle affecting humanity is felt in at two levels:

the group
where the effect is general in nature, and a steady shift occurs in the consciousness of the many.
the individual
where the individual who has emerged from mass-consciousness is stimulated to further development involving the deeper nature of the influences in the triangle.

The concept is allied to the notion in orthodox astrology that the outer planets can only affect personally the individual who is distinct from the mass—who has ‘individuated’.

Specific effects since 1835

Since 1835, the influence of this triangle has been felt in the following ways:


The potency of Aries, as it initiates those happenings which will set in motion the causes that will produce the New Age, can be seen today in the trend of all the new movements, in the formulation of the various world orders, in the discoveries of science and in the emergence of the new types in the different kingdoms in nature. (EA 486)

The emergence of the individual from the mass:
…thousands of men and women are stepping out of the ranks of the mass-conscious herd and out of the deep sleep of irresponsibility and becoming aware of themselves as detached, functioning entities. (EA 485) The potency of Leo can be traced… in the vast numbers of people who are achieving the integration of the personality and becoming self-conscious (486)

The influence of Virgo appears in the many religious, spiritual and mental organisations and movements which indicate so directly the awakening of the Christ consciousness in humanity. (EA 486)

In Bailey’s terms “Christ consciousness” means—to put it very briefly—the influence of ray two on the individual’s developing spiritual awareness; the growth of sensitivity toward world suffering, and a sense of physical, emotional and mental responsibility towards others.

These three signs also reflect the primal trinity of energies which condition all creation:

  1. Aries is the focal point of that expression of the first aspect of divinity, the will aspect.

  2. Leo is the focal point for the expression of the second aspect, the love-wisdom or consciousness aspect. This, primarily where humanity is concerned.

  3. Virgo is the focal point for the expression of the third aspect, that of active intelligence. In that sign the highest function of matter is symbolised. (EA 194)

Esoteric Astrology: 194, 484-6