Triangles: Leo Uranus Sirius

Humanity-wide Preparation for the First Initiation

Although not strictly a triangle, this represents mass preparation for the first initiation in the 100 years leading to 1975—see Leo-Uranus-Ray7—and is also of interest when it appears in the individual horoscopes.

This combination of influences:

has been much needed at this time [1875-1975] to foster and bring about those conditions which will enable mankind, under the steady influence of the Hierarchy, to take the first initiation… (EA 447)

In Leo we undergo the preparatory stages of this first initiation. We find ourselves and become self-conscious and intelligently self-aware. We formulate a conscious inner programme or purpose under the steady pressure of the inner self, while beginning to exhaust and deny the demands and desires of ordinary, thoughtless life. This cycle of activity is followed by a painful life of conscious re-orientation where we strive to achieve balance and begin to stand in spiritual being as a result of constant trial and testing. Finally, we are:

ready for the ordeal and the accolade of fire, preceding the first initiation. At that final stage, Humanity today stands [published 1951]. (EA 447)

When the influence of Uranus is added and the seventh ray is entering a cycle of major activity, there is:

the energy needed to precipitate the crisis of initiation and produce a great rhythmic awakening. Astrologers would find it of interest to note similar combinations in the individual horoscope. (EA 447)

For Sirius (at 13° Cancer), we can also check the strength of Ray 2 in the individual chart.

Esoteric Astrology: 447