Crosses: Mutable Cross

Ray 6 triangle Ray 5 triangle Ray 4 triangle Ray 2 triangle

Axis one: GeminiSagittarius

Relation of the personal to the transpersonal self: personal integration

Axis two: VirgoPisces

Love and nurturing of the self, strength to care for others

Qualities:Activity, applied intelligence, refinement
Method:The necessity for change, learning through practical application
Personality aspect:Physical life and lived experience
Growth area:Wise management of material activities and respect for the physical (‘first initiation’)
Related to:The Third ray, Pleiades
Planet of expression:Mercury as an instigator of activity and change
Mutable cross rays:Ray 2, Ray 4, Ray 5, Ray 6
Symbol:to follow

Mutable Cross in detail

Related to the third of the three overarching principles of form, this cross represents the necessity to experience life in actual lived practice, in order to develop.

A predominance of Mutable signs in the chart indicates an emphasis on actual experience—whether mental, emotional or physical—so that real-life learning becomes an pervasive theme.