Triangles: Aries Cancer Leo

Horizontal triangle formed by K series: GreatBear-Aries-Pluto etc.

One configuration in a ninefold relationship between the distributing constellations and planets of the primary triangle GreatBear-Sirius-Pleiades (see further information), this triangle concerns:

the spiritual aspect of the planetary life and of humanity, as well as the other kingdoms in nature […] Humanity is of peculiar importance in relation to these triangles because it is the destiny of humanity to transmit life to the subhuman kingdoms.

Regarding the N series of “supernal forces”:

conscious response to their influence will not be possible till the time cycle of the third initiation arrives (EA 449)

See Leo-Capricorn-Pisces for the triangle in this group (G and N series) related solely to human consciousness.

Connected with this major triangle and affecting powerfully our entire solar system is a triple inter-relation of great interest, which has a special and peculiar relation to humanity. This triangle of forces relates one of these major constellations, one of the zodiacal signs and one of the sacred planets within our solar system (note: Pluto is not sacred—see below).

Great Bear Sirius Pleiades
Aries Leo Cancer
Pluto Jupiter Venus
Shamballa Hierarchy Humanity

These three major triangles are only partially as yet in expression as far as our solar system and only one point of the great triangle—as for instance one point of the Great Bear—constitutes with Aries a related line of force; only one point of Aries—within itself or within its own range of interplay with Leo and Capricorn is related to Pluto. (EA 416-17)

Note that Pluto is not a sacred planet. The above mentioned triangle is a primary, archetypal triangle, so its effect upon humanity is indirect, therefore Bailey may be referring implicitly to the current expressive triangle relating to the three major constellations:

Great Bear Sirius Pleiades
Leo Pisces Capricorn
Saturn Uranus Mercury

In these triangles, these signs are expressive of various aspects of the will, working through the three sacred planets. (See Leo-Capricorn-Pisces and Mercury-Saturn-Uranus)

Esoteric astrologers need to use both sets of these ninefold relationships to trace the influence of the three major constellations, although this triple influence is already implicit in the entire practice of esoteric astrology.

So, this triangle is expressive of the three main energies symbolised by the first three rays, and can be seen as the triangle behind the current Leo-Capricorn-Pisces expression of the three major constellations.

Where one of these three signs is prominent in a horoscope, the energy of that primal quality could well be the dominant one to trace through the rest of the chart. Taking each sign, the effect of this complex double array of transmitters for the first three rays might be as follows:

The first ray influences of Aries and Pluto will be enhanced by the presence of Leo and Saturn (from the current triangles), in a primal congregation of constellations and planets that transmit the energy of the first ray. Even though Saturn itself is a third ray planet, its esoteric effect on humanity is to strengthen the will aspect, by stimulating the quality of consistent and steady persistence and an appreciation of time and patience. This energy carries with it the qualities stimulated by the third initiation.
With the energy of Jupiter, the second ray or ‘heart’ nature of Leo is enhanced, and the second initiation or area of emotional development is stimulated. Where Pisces and Uranus (from the current triangles) are also prominent, the effect is to take the process of emotional resilience down the path of appreciation of order, timing and rhythm as a means of lessening the inchoate and diffusive dissolution that can come with the exaggerated emotional stimulation of the second initiation.
With Cancer and Venus, the goal is to refine the matter of the etheric/physical by bringing some kind of inner meaning to material activities. The new age movement is a toe in the waters of this process. By suffusing everyday life with an inner purpose, the entire process of initiation begins. Where Capricorn and Mercury are also present, the self-induced process of initiation begins and, at the first initiation, the individual begins to sense the conflict between the inner and outer self; the purpose of the soul and the forces of the personality.

Esoteric Astrology: 415-7, 449