Triangles: Gemini GreatBear Pleiades


Primal triangle conveying the second ray energy of this solar system

This triangle represents the occult fact that the ray of magnetism, attraction and “love underlies the entire universe”.

Gemini is… one of the most important of the twelve signs and its influence lies behind every one of them—a fact but little realised as yet by astrologers. [still not realised] This will be more fully understood when the triangle of Gemini and [any] two opposing signs is studied. Because the Ray of Love-Wisdom, the second ray, pours through Gemini it becomes apparent how true is the occult teaching that love underlies the entire universe.

This underlying love… reaches our solar system primarily through Gemini, which forms, with the constellation of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, a cosmic triangle.

There is ever the eternal triangle to be found behind the fourfold phenomenal appearance. Speaking symbolically and in the words of the Old Commentary:

“Upon the golden triangle the cosmic Christ appeared; his head in Gemini; one foot upon the field of the Seven Fathers and the other planted in the field of the Seven Mothers (…sometimes called the Seven Brothers and the Seven Sisters). Thus for aeons, the Great One stood, His consciousness inturned, aware of three but not of four. […] He heard a sound go forth…. Arousing to that cry, He stretched Himself, reached forth both arms in understanding and love, and… the cross was formed.

“He heard the cry of the Mother (Virgo), of the Seeker (Sagittarius), and of the submerged Fish (Pisces). …the cross of change appeared, though Gemini remained the head. This is the mystery.” (EA 348-9)

The three are the three primal abstract principles behind the manifest world. The four are the world of full incarnated human consciousness.

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Esoteric Astrology: 348