Triangles: Gemini Virgo Scorpio

Emergence of a genuine capacity for compassion

One of three interlinked triangles consisting of seven signs, governing major points of “crisis” in the life cycle of the reincarnating human soul within the greater general development of humanity (EA 472-6)

Also linked by Mercury to Aries (EA 271) and to another series of triangles expressing 3 primary principles.

The following three triangles—of which this is the second—each influence one of three vast cycles in the development of human consciousness:

(1) The cycle of evolution
(2) The cycle of aspiration
From the level of an intelligent and integrated individual, expressing themselves through the “three worlds” of mind, emotion and body (Gemini), to that of the consciously developing person who has taken responsibility for their own inner evolution, and is actively seeking those often difficult experiences which serve to bring about the necessary growth process (Scorpio), resulting in the emergence of a genuine capacity for a compassion which is free from the psychological shadows of unfulfilled or denied personal need—the ‘Christ principle’ expressed in the sign representing the final outcome of this triangle: Virgo and its complementary Pisces.
(3) The cycle of initiation

Esoteric Astrology: 472-6