Triangles: Leo Virgo Capricorn

Shifting humanity into the next phase of consciousness

One of three interlinked triangles consisting of seven signs, governing major points of “crisis” in the life cycle of the reincarnating human soul within the greater general development of humanity (EA 472-6)

These are taken from seven constellations. See Leo-Virgo-Pisces as the culmination of these three.

The following three triangles—of which this is the third and final—each influence one of three vast cycles in the development of human consciousness:

(1) The cycle of evolution
(2) cycle of aspiration
(3) cycle of initiation
From the preparatory previous stage to levels of consciousness too elevated for most of us to understand, but which are nevertheless apparent in those who choose to return to Earth in order to aid the shift of humanity into the next major phase of consciousness. This triangle, fusing and blending the influences of the first two cycles, governs the actual process of continuing self-initiation, which begins with the initial expansion beyond the three worlds and the cycle of birth and death, an initiation represented as the outcome of the first triangle (Capricorn) into, and eventually beyond, each of the seven levels of our universe of consciousness, with Virgo and Leo in their most primal state governing the final two initiations on the most abstract of our seven levels. Virgo presides over the second level (in descending order) expressing the principle of universal love–wisdom, while Leo expresses the primal formless energy of the first, both of which are far beyond the comprehension of anyone like us (who need the assistance of such information).

Esoteric Astrology: 472-6