Triangles: Taurus Cancer Aquarius

The three rulerships of Virgo

One of three triangles formed by the distinction between Leo-Libra-Capricorn (breakthrough points of the will aspect) and the other nine signs, which represent the general evolution of consciousness in form.

…in this sign… the Moon… veiling both Vulcan and Neptune, connects the force of Virgo with… Taurus, Cancer and Aquarius. … it relates the form building aspect with the consciousness aspect (EA 273)

These three signs are linked by the esoteric ruler of Virgo, the Moon which (as the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Cancer and the hierarchical ruler of Aquarius) veils either Vulcan, Neptune or Uranus.

The nine signs of the “mother” or form aspect

Cancer-Virgo-Pisces is the triangle representing the complementary “mother” (form/active intelligence) principle to the “father” (spirit/will) principle of Leo-Libra-Capricorn.

The three “crises” or breakthrough points of the will aspect (via Leo-Libra-Capricorn) are produced by the activity of the other nine signs of the zodiac or the “mother” aspect, which collectively stimulate the “life within the form” via three triangles, united by Virgo’s planetary rulers—Mercury, Jupiter, and the veiled Vulcan and Neptune of esoteric ruler the Moon:

These nine are the signs of evolving consciousness-in-form, hence the centrality of Virgo.

Esoteric Astrology: 273-7