Triangles: Cancer Virgo Pisces

Father-mother-child: the three rulerships of Neptune (Moon)

The fact that these three signs are ruled by Neptune, which is veiled by the Moon in Cancer and Virgo, highlights the “Mother-matter-form” symbolism; the “God of the waters” suggests the emotional–physical focus of the matter aspect.

Constitute the triangle of the Father or will aspect…
Constitute the triangle of the Mother or matter aspect, conditioned by intelligent activity. They indicate points of opportunity of an inner kind where consciousness is concerned, and therefore you have the recognition of mass, individual and group consciousness.

A close study of the above ideas will prove fruitful in establishing methods and relationships; they should also indicate the key which astrologers can use when seeking to work with mass horoscopes.

The nine signs of the “mother” or form aspect

Cancer-Virgo-Pisces is the triangle representing the complementary “mother” (form/active intelligence) principle to the “father” (spirit/will) principle of Leo-Libra-Capricorn.

The three “crises” or breakthrough points of the will aspect (via Leo-Libra-Capricorn) are produced by the activity of the other nine signs of the zodiac or the “mother” aspect, which collectively stimulate the “life within the form” via three triangles, united by Virgo’s planetary rulers—Mercury, Jupiter, and the veiled Vulcan and Neptune of esoteric ruler the Moon:

These nine are the signs of evolving consciousness-in-form, hence the centrality of Virgo.

Esoteric Astrology: 266