Triangles: Taurus Scorpio Capricorn

One of three triangles of energy affecting mental response

One of three connected ‘great Triangles of energy which affect the mental response apparatus of humanity…’ (495). Their effect is felt on the mental plane and at the level of the soul. These triangles encourage progress on the path to the unification of the personality, which proceeds as the Self or soul synthesises the differing physical, emotional and mental responses to life into a coherent whole, freeing the personality from reactive life (passive to experience in the ‘three worlds of human endeavor’) and evoking the consciousness of the Self (which is active to the three worlds in which the human personality functions). They are:

Apart from the information below, very little is offered on this triangle, apart from the general quotation above, given under Gemini-Libra-Aquarius.

Taurus: Desire
the incentive to evolutionary unfoldment in the human kingdom.
[desire for possessions leading to desire for experience and then to desire for illumination]
Scorpio: Aspiration
the key to the testing of the disciple
[the posing of emotional paradoxes demanding solutions which encourage actions and decisions made with the long-term fulfillment of the Self in mind rather than the satisfaction of short-term desire or the yearning for comfort]
Capricorn: Illumination
the liberation of the initiate
[freedom from necessity for continued personality experience and the liberation of the ‘cleared’ personality as a lucid instrument of the Self] (EA 495)

On the reversed wheel

These three signs are also given as the ‘paramount signs of influence’ on the confusingly named ‘reversed wheel’ of conscious development (from Aries to Pisces). On the ordinary wheel of unconscious evolution (backwards from Pisces to Aries), Cancer-Leo-Sagittarius (in reverse order) are the ‘paramount signs’.

The mental principle

Aries-Gemini-Libra is also mentioned in connection with the development of the discriminating mental principle. (EA 52)

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Esoteric Astrology: 52, 495