Triangles: Gemini Libra Aquarius

Air triangle, and one of three triangles of energy affecting mental response

Each of the four elemental triangles span all three crosses—Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable—the symbolism of which is crucial to an understanding of esoteric astrology. Each elemental triangle represents how the basic principles represented by each cross is reflected in human experience.

The primary one of three connected great Triangles of energy which affect the mental response apparatus of humanity… (EA 495).

Their effect is felt on the mental plane and at the level of the soul. These triangles encourage progress on the path to the unification of the personality, which proceeds as the Self or soul synthesises the differing physical, emotional and mental responses to life into a coherent whole, freeing the personality from reactive life (passive to experience in the ‘three worlds of human endeavor’) and evoking the consciousness of the Self (which is active to the three worlds in which the human personality functions). They are:

This triangle is given a detailed interpretation by Alice Bailey, and concerns the development of what she calls the “universal mind” as it develops through the human experience, learning to synthesise the inherent duality of existence in the three mental, emotional and physical worlds.

[The air] signs are pre-eminently signs of the [universal] Mind … as it expresses itself through [humanity] (EA 349)

[in] the unfoldment of mind in humanity […] It is humanity which is concerned with the problem of mental development. [rather than the “three great lives” of these constellations] …the problem of response to and interpretation of the environing contacts is one which is to be found on every planet and particulary upon the non-sacred planets. This response must be evoked, not only in the fourth [human] kingdom in nature but in all the kingdoms. Our solar system [ruled by the second ray of Love-Wisdom, which is primarily expressed via Gemini] is one in which sensitivity to contact is the dominant quality; it is in the process of becoming cosmically aware; it is driven by need and environing cosmic circumstances to develop love-wisdom and both these words are descriptive and expressive of the consciousness aspect.

Love is response to contact and this—in the human being—means understanding, inclusiveness and identification.
Wisdom connotes skill in action as the result of developed love and the light of understanding; it is awareness of requirements and ability to bring together into a fused relationship the need and that which will meet it.
Service is essentially a scientific mode of expressing love-wisdom under the influence of one or other of the seven rays, according to the soul ray of the [individual]. (EA 493-5)

Mind in esoteric philosophy is at its most subtle through Venus, the fifth ray planet representing the individual soul as the synthesis of all human experience, while consciousness is a product of the second ray. It is worth noting that these three signs and their rulerships include the crucial interplay between these two rays, much hinted at throughout Alice Bailey’s writing.

Relation to the Great Bear, Sirius and the Plieades

The sources of the primary three rays reach our solar system via Gemini-Libra-Aquarius. With our own sun and solar system based upon second ray energy, Gemini is particularly potent:

the underlying love of Deity reaches our solar system primarily through Gemini which forms, with the constellation of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, a cosmic triangle.

The relation is essentially a sixfold one, and here you will find a hint as to the resolution of the pairs of opposites—involving as these three constellations do the three ideas of opposition–equilibrium–synthesis or universal fusion.

forms a point of entrance for cosmic energy from Sirius
is related to and transmits the potencies of the Pleiades
expresses the universal consciousness of the Great Bear
synthesis—fusion (EA 348-9)

Resolution of duality through the development of the mind

These three signs all have dual symbols and

stand for duality—sensed Gemini, overcome Libra and resolved into the synthesis of the great World Server Aquarius, identified with the [soul] and bringing [a] contribution, wrested in … experience upon the wheel of life from the sumtotal of energy, to the service of the Whole. Forget not that initiation is but another name for synthesis and fusion.

The dual nature of their symbols highlights the pervasive nature of the second ray as the background to all life in this system.

Gemini The Twins
Mutable Cross
Fluidity—duality sensed
Mind—Cause of duality
Libra The Balances
Cardinal Cross
Equilibrium—duality overcome
Supermind—Cause of synthesis
Aquarius The Water-Carrier
Fixed Cross
Initiation—duality resolved and synthesised
Universal Mind—Soul

From the standpoint of … the evolution of consciousness it must never be forgotten that the aim is to bring the [soul] into the seat of power. This task is pre-eminently entrusted to … Gemini-Libra-Aquarius. […] These three constellations, cyclically and eternally, lead… the “Eternal Pilgrim” along the path of mental unfoldment [and] produce … the final stage of mental evolution upon the Path of Initiation. Illumination, the term applied to that final stage, is a synthesis of instinct, intellect and intuition.

the lower mind dominates at first, causing the recognition of the Self and the Not-Self, or the essential dualism which underlies all manifestation

expresses the relation of the pairs of opposites as they swing the [individual] into activity and evoke … mental perception. With the aid of the ruling planets (Mercury and Venus) the mind begins to function and when the esoteric planet comes into expression and transmitting potency “the Messenger and the Angel exchange their understanding.” [the lower and higher mind communicate].
the higher mind, however, steadily increases its power and control, producing the balancing of the pairs of opposites through the illumination which it brings to the lower mind
Libra expresses the point of balance achieved, prior to a secondary activity and the period of assimilation by the mind of past experience. These processes, when successfully carried forward, evoke the intuition and this brings into activity what is called the super-mind which is the response of the illumined mind to the [universal] Mind.
and then the Soul, the eternal [child] of Mind, becomes the ultimate synthesis, focussing and relating the universal mind to [its] two lower aspects. The supermind thus works through the mind.
Aquarius expresses the activity of the mind which has been initiated into the purposes of the Universal Mind. It is the sign which brings the soul into active cooperation with the [greater scheme of things]. This we call service.

The three air signs are also listed in a suggestion to study Esoteric Astrology in connection with the question of consciousness:

  1. Aries: Subjective latent consciousness
  2. Gemini: The consciousness of duality
  3. Cancer: Mass consciousness
  4. Leo: Individual self-consciousness
  5. Libra: Equilibrised consciousness
  6. Aquarius: Group consciousness (EA 145)

Finally (EA 241-2, 493-5):

Gemini - love
Response to human contact: understanding, inclusiveness, identification.
Libra - wisdom
skill in action is the result of developed love and the light of understanding. Awareness of requirements and ability to bring together… the need and that which will meet it

Aries-Gemini-Libra is also mentioned in connection with the development of the discriminating mental principle. (EA 52)

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