Aspects: Mutable—activity

Form: what we learn from lived experience and real-life circumstances, often recurring until we understand the meaning of the experience. How we handle our activity in the world, related to the Mutable cross.

The givens, the built-in traits and fates of our life, and personality patterns that exist and are there to be lived out

Mutable cross actuality

Trine: 3

Generally, the trine can be seen as that which is built-in, which is the line of least resistance. This can lend a deceptive ease to the elements and planets in question. As a comfortable place, whether mental, emotional or physical this may be challenged in order to break the symmetry and move out of a familiar comfort zone, in order to develop and grow through new experiences, rather than hold to the familiar. Born that way.

Grand trine

The general meaning of the trine is strengthened into a built-in trait, that can be refined by the planets and—cruicially—elemental triangle usually shared by the three signs (the orbs given to some trines can straddle elements by a few degrees): see the Fire, Air, Water and Earth triangles for the deeper esoteric meaning behind grand trines in each of the four elements. Check for Triangles.

Sextile: 6

Stable talents and established abilities, secondary personality traits indicating seeds of opportunity or ‘luck’, provided we can identify them or do what needs to be done to take advantage of a situation or chance that comes our way. The astronomical Lagrange Points, where smaller bodies settle into a stable orbit around a two-major body system, lie at 60° either side of the smaller body—the symboilism is obvious, as sextiles between two planets may require a stronger presence or will-to-action within the rest of a horoscope in order to be useful. Sextiles thereby indicate the limits of the givens, requiring conscious productive activity.

Grand Sextile

In a six-pointed star there are polarities or dualities—the oppositions (2) between the opposing triangles (3)—offering a magnetic attraction or charisma that needs practical application to avoid fanatical polarisation or the division of dualism (Ray 6), although some level of devotion to an ideal will drive material activity and avoid the possibility of dissipation through indolence or ease (the trines and sextiles). Check for Triangles.

Noviles: 9

(Trinovile = Trine!)

Generally connected with the final stages or endings of things and of fruition, although this may only be apparent when two or more are connected in a pattern (see Novile Patterns below). In Esoteric Astrology (264) nine is given as the number of humanity and “of initiation as far as humanity is concerned”, suggesting kind of preset path. When this is constructive it can lead to a new beginning or ‘initiation’ by re-starting the number cycle at ‘1’ (9..10, 1+0=1), breaking the form (3) to free the life (1) within. Passively (as one of the mutable 3 series) Noviles can also symbolise passive acceptance of circumstanmces, or the inevitable completion of a situation or period of time. There may be a gentle breaking-down and decay of outgrown modes, laying the material circumstances for the next phase. The digital root of any number added to nine always yields itself (e.g. for five: 5+9=14, 1+4=5) which suggests a kind of inevitability, grounded in the practical and lived-through experiences of the Mutable cross. With nine being triple three, there is also a triple goddess feel to this sub-family of three aspects, liberating us from limitation by accepting life events as initiatory experiences, especially if three or more planets are connected by noviles. Understanding the fates.

Novile Patterns

Single noviles might be too weak to be of much importance in an esoteric horoscope, but when they form triangular or larger patterns, the planets and signs involved require closer examination and will strengthen the Novile effect outlined above. Crucially, check for Triangles that reflect the signs and planets involved.

Dodeciles: 12 (3)

Push-pull, the opportunity to work on something almost there, or to make good some potential that requires amendment or readjustment. The rays of the signs and planets involved identify how the two will push/pull against each other, and indicate what the necessary amendment may be. Numerically, 12 is complex: (4x3=12) is either Harmony through conflict (4) brought into intelligent material expression (3) OR (2x6=2) duality (2) of ideals (6). The restlessness mentioned in some descriptions can be used as a motivating urge that—if handled with conscious intent—channels the slight mismatch into a definite outcome. There can be an element of fear behind the resistance to resolving tension in everyday life (this is a mutable aspect), so any inhibition needs to be overcome before the planets involved can work together constructively. Being a child of twelve—the general number of zodiacal geometry—the two dodeciles suggest an urge for completion, yet there is a certain tension to this which can feel draining until or unless we act towards a completion. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

The Yod or Finger of Fate

This triangular aspect between three planets is recognised in contemporary astrology as an unavoidable life factor: two planets form a sextile aspect at 60°, both Quincunx (dodecile) a third planet at 150° from each. A sharp focus falls on the third planet as an expression of the other two; the whole triangle is a kind of life task: a persistent influence that can achieve a tangible practical outcome (quincunx/dodecile 12=3), with the help of the idealism (or overcoming avoidance by escapism) of the sextile (6). Check for Triangles.

Aspect Patterns and the Triangles

In an esoteric interpretation of aspect patterns that involve three or more planets, it is always important to check if the signs and/or planets appear in any of the Triangles of Esoteric Astrology.