Stars: Pointer

The Ray 1 triangle

The two pointers in the Great Bear

The pointers form a line towards the Pole Star Polaris and—with that star—are connected to the aspects of spirit (Polaris), soul (Merak) and body (Dubhe); and represent three aspects of the will.

these point to the Pole Star which is at this time a major “Star of Direction”. (EA 197)


Aries is … closely connected with the Great Bear but peculiarly so with one of … The Pointers

The pointer furthest from the pole star (Merak) is expressive of ‘divine will’. (EA 196)


the Pointer nearest the pole star (Dubhe) is ‘expressive of a lower aspect of will … self-will…the Mutable Cross’

the energy emanating from [Dubhe] guides humanity upon the involutionary path, and is constantly active [on those who are] still upon the Mutable Cross. (EA 196)

Spiritual will, Vulcan, Pluto, and the pointers of the Great Bear

In the passage below, Pluto is called an “esoteric planet” along with Vulcan, although the presumption is that this doesn’t mean it’s a sacred planet:

Within our solar system, Vulcan and Pluto are expressions or custodians of this first ray energy and are, as I have told you, esoteric planets. The first indication of the true spiritual will only begins to manifest upon the Path of Discipleship … Vulcan and Pluto are related to the two Pointers and are only now beginning, in any definite and clear manner, to affect human response. (EA 96)

The path of this spiritual will as it comes to our planet is via: the pointer Merak, Aries, Vulcan/Pluto, and Shamballa.

The two pointers in the Great Bear (pointing to the Pole Star) are connected to self-will and spiritual will:

Dubhe: nearest to the Pole Star
connected to Pluto, “expressive of a lower aspect of the will, which—in speaking of humanity—we call self-will”
Merak: furthest from the Pole Star
connected to Vulcan, “a great reservoir or focal point for divine energy, carrying out [cosmic] purpose”

Aries as “the will to create or to manifest” is the primary transmitter of First Ray energy to the two planets in our solar system, and Shamballa as “the Custodian of the Plan for our planet” (Earth’s “head chakra”) is the agent of transmission, stepping it down to a human level. (EA 195-196)

Also see: Vulcan-Earth-Pluto and interlinked triangles (EA 482-483) plus other triangles including the pointers.

Pointer triangles: