Triangles: Cancer Capricorn Saturn


Major Ray 2 triangle, expressing the energy of Sirius

A secondary triangle serving as one corner of the major cosmic triangle (three interlinked triangles as a “meta constellation”) that steps down for our solar system the energy of big three: the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades.

These three work primarily through six constellations at this time—three pairs of complementary signs and three planets:

the Great Bear, Ray 1
working through: Aries-Libra-Sun
(Life. Inspiration, being)
Mental refinement, leading to the Path of initiation.
Sirius, Ray 2
working through: Cancer-Capricorn-Saturn
(Consciousness. Sensitivity, feeling)
Physical refinement, the process undergone on the Path of Probation.
the Pleiades, Ray 3
working through: Gemini-Sagittarius-Mercury
(Form. Illumination, seeing)
Emotional refinement, culminating in the Path of Discipleship.

These three reach our solar system via:

Again at this time these six and two further zodiacal energies focus through a particular planet (Taurus-Scorpio-Mars), using it as a transmitting agency to the Earth. This final triangle translates the influences of the stepped-down cosmic triangle into the essentially human growth process spurred on by Ray 4.

These six influences [of the signs involved] aid greatly in the development of self-consciousness and later of the spiritual consciousness in those who have begun to tread the path of return and hence are undergoing the final three stages of the evolutionary path, known as the first three “human or personal initiations”, which cover the refinement of the physical, emotional and mental facets of our human personality. These six constellations are the determining energies of that process, with this particular triangle working as follows:

Represents the “mass” of people within which each human being lives, learns and accumulates experience.
Enables the “unit” living in the “mass” to isolate themselves as an individual, turn their back upon the past and find their way on to that section of the Path where they learn to feel.
As the agent by which karmic adjustments are made, Saturn presents opportunities for the individual to make the kind of conscious choices which will lead them away from behaviour driven by (or blamed on) external influences, towards a state in which they begin to take responsibility for the consequences of their own actions and decisions.

Generally, this triangle comes in to play at the time when an individual first breaks free from the consensus of mass behaviour based on the stereotypes of popular opinion, social cliques and the search for peer approval and, after what may amount to many lifetimes of unconsciously accumulative learning, begins to consolidate the results of this experience through a process of a conscious choice which leads to the development their own inner potential. Although strongest at the first initiation (the name given to this point in spiritual development), the process continues until the third initiation, when the necessity for experience in the three worlds of mind, emotion and body has been exhausted as a learning process.

Esoteric Astrology: 465-67