Triangles: Leo Libra Capricorn

Three crucial points in human development

A triangle symbolising three crises (487, 271) representing the impact of the will aspect (266) at crucial points in humanity’s evolution, marking “points of attainment, through crisis met and triumphant achievement”.

Leo: Individualisation
This is demonstrated in two stages:
1. Diffused incohate power
2. Personality integration

Leo in this case symbolises the emergence of a coherent personality, and the consciousness of the individual self in preparation for the awakening of inner awareness of the soul and group self of Aquarius.

Libra: the balance point
Emergence of a sense of self-direction and equilibrium. Like the equinoctial point which it marks, this is a point of balance between the ‘soul and the form’, or the inner and outer life. It signifies the emergence of choice, and represents the consciousness of duality and the effort to find balance between two principles.
Capricorn: initiation
This exists in five stages and signifies the emergence of the dominating inner awareness of soul life. This implies a broader synthesis between the entire personal life and the group, and the gradual exchange of purely personal life and growth for that of the wider soul group.

These constitute the triangle of the will aspect; they mark points of attainment, through the successful meeting of various crises in the life of the soul. Such crucial turning points involve the energy of the first ray or will aspect. At such points we have opportunities to display ‘moments of demonstrated development’ (271) that indicate our skill in handling these ‘points of crisis’. It is these moments that indicate our possession of the necessary critical mass that enables initiation into a broader mode of existence.

Leo appears … in this world situation [outlined 484-87] as part of a triangle of crisis, for the combination of the three constellations involved invariably produces crisis. […] Leo, when dominating the triangle, produced in the past the crisis of individualisation. Later in human history, when the point of balance [between spirit and matter, symbolised by Libra?] was reached, Leo was again potent.’ At that time, ‘humanity turned towards the Path of Return and not the Path of Outgoing… Today, Capricorn is producing a third crisis […] of initiation, and the possibility of this crisis proving effective and producing a new kingdom of nature on Earth is steadily becoming more and more possible. [There is a relation here to Venus as the Hierarchical ruler of Capricorn.]

These three signs are distinct from the eight other signs of the zodiac, plus Virgo, which connects them via its rulers (see below).

These three signs are all signs of crisis and indicate the progressive influence of the other nine and the situations which evolve out of their activity. They are testing points in the process of the play of energies from the other nine signs as these energies affect [individuals.] (265)

The nine signs of the “mother” or form aspect

Cancer-Virgo-Pisces is the triangle representing the complementary “mother” (form/active intelligence) principle to the “father” (spirit/will) principle of Leo-Libra-Capricorn.

The three “crises” or breakthrough points of the will aspect (via Leo-Libra-Capricorn) are produced by the activity of the other nine signs of the zodiac or the “mother” aspect, which collectively stimulate the “life within the form” via three triangles, united by Virgo’s planetary rulers—Mercury, Jupiter, and the veiled Vulcan and Neptune of esoteric ruler the Moon:

These nine are the signs of evolving consciousness-in-form, hence the centrality of Virgo.

Esoteric Astrology: 264-6, 271, 487