Triangles: Cancer Venus Pleiades


Primary Ray 3 triangle

Prime Ray 3 triangle, and one of the three triangles underlying the entire solar system. It is expressed for humanity through Capricorn-Mercury-Pleiades.

One of three conditioning triangles underlying the entire solar system, each depending upon one point of a greater triangle, the energies of which are only partially expressed in our solar system:

Lying behind the many interlocking triangles in our solar system and conditioning them are three energies coming from three major constellations (GreatBear-Sirius-Pleiades) (EA 415)

Each point of this vast triangle further provides the determining point for three related subsidiary triangles, of which this is one. These further three each carry one of the three major rays of Will, Love-wisdom, and Active intelligence into the human realm.

Each constellation relates to one principle of the triple nature of the solar logos and therefore, by correspondence, to the collective spirit (or monad), soul and body of humanity. They influence the human world through the three major expressive groups for each ray on this planet:

These three triangles are part of a chain of influence that steps down the energies of the three main rays of aspect from their origins to a human level:

Ray one Ray two Ray three
Great Bear Sirius Pleiades
Aries Leo Cancer
Pluto Jupiter Venus
Shamballa Hierarchy Humanity
Spirit Soul Body
Mind Emotions Body

Also see the ‘horizontal’ triangles formed by the relationships in this series:

Cancer receives the energy of ray three from the Pleiades.

So the influence of ray three is expressed through the ‘body’ of general human existence. Mass shifts in global and national direction evidence how humanity can change and evolve en-masse—eras and historical periods often (but not always) document these shifts. The state of any individual is irrelevant to mass behaviour; those engaging with the growth process follow their own path and accept opportunities arising from the times in which they live.

Esoteric Astrology: 416-7, 452-6